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With Lytica on your side you can quickly improve your company’s performance by harnessing the power of AI

What About AI?

We are a data driven startup focused in offering or clients the real value of intelligence, using AI and data analytics we provide a broad range of solutions to enhance the value of your data.

Customer 360º View

  • Can you answer the following questions? :
  • What is your churn rate?

  • Do you offer personalized customer experience?

  • Can you predict your customers behaviour?

Be aware of your past, present and your future using data!

Humans are hooked and machines are learning

Our AI Solutions

All these are data driven solutions, with the power of data we can unlock the power of intelligence.

icono image recognition

Image recognition

Using a set of algorithms be capable of identify variables in images, such as: people, places, objects, buildings, etc.

Unleash the power of AI and make decisions with the given input.

icono image voice processing

Voice Processing

With our speech-to-text engine we are able to transcript a conversation into text, this provides a wide range of high analysis via our natural language processing algorithms.

icono image naturallanguage

Natural Language Processing

Empowering computers to understand language as humans do. We don´t analyze word per word of an entire sentence, we extract the idea of sentence and provide context.

Applying context analytics we can increase your chatbots intelligence.

icono image geostatistics


Using machine learning algorithms and spatiotemporal data sets we are able to model mapping, prediction, classify and relate the data to improve decision making.

Fraudulent payments and anti money laundering

Using historical data we can predict and assign value to transactions, so we can detect atypical behaviours and establish a link between them.